In Gihecon, S.A.U. we understand that quality of service is a customer´s right, so that it has to be part of the own style of our staff.

Our service vocation based in the proximity, technical knowledge and quality, has driven us to adopt a management model, certificated according ISO 9001:2000, and to stablish a quality politics based in these points:

  1. To communicate to the customer, with all possible previousness, incidents that could be happen in our service, thus the consequences would be diminish.
  2. To try to a continuous improvement of our management and production process efficiency  that allows us to be competitive by our quality-price rate.
  3. To involve our staff, with its contributions, to reach the continuous improvement.

As a consequence of this quality management, our effort are focused in different tasks:

  • Constant improvement of professional capacitation of our staff through yearly education plans.
  • Constant  technological innovation improvement of our facilities to become the most advanced of the sector.
  • Detection of opportunities to improve our management system, through periodical reviews that guarantees its adaptation and suitability to the demand of the market and an environment in constant evolution.  







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